While consumers almost instinctively grasped the appeal of apps right from the launch of the iPhone in 2008, enterprise took a little longer to warm to them. Now, however, with more organisations realising the power of apps to streamline internal processes, drive cost-savings and propel businesses forward, we’re on the brink of an enterprise app revolution.

When thinking about enterprise implementation, there are three different types of application: built-in applications for a particular operating system, for example, a calendar; then there are off-the-shelf solutions you can download from an app store; and bespoke applications. According to Juan Pablo Luchetti, consultancy director here at Mubaloo, in practice, a good strategy combines all three. One of the key challenges is to understand where off-the-shelf fits, where custom comes in and how to use as much as you can from those built-in solutions.

There are many considerations when thinking about implementing a long term mobile strategy, click here to read the full article where Juan Pablo goes into this further as well as presenting real-world examples where companies went mobile and won.

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