The Internet of Things is a mess, with standards and protocols up in the air and almost every tech company on the planet including Google, Microsoft and Arm claiming that it’s their language that the future IoT will rely on. Who wants separate apps to control lighting, heating, security cameras, the TV and the Hi-Fi?

Whether we need yet another wannabe Internet of Things platform promising to be the unifier is questionable, but there’s no doubt that Google’s Brillo – a new operating system for low-powered devices that will shortly be previewed to developers – could be the platform that at last brings standardisation to IoT.

In an effort to understand the significance of Google’s Project Brillo in IoT for the home, TechRadar spoke to a variety of technology experts including Mike Crooks, head of Mubaloo Innovation Lab. “We’re extremely pleased to see what can generally be quite a disparate set of implementation standards become something more standardised,” said Mike.

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