Businesses today are busy automating, embracing big data and trying to figure out what the Internet of Things means for them and how it will affect the workplace. With ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) firmly embedded, smart devices and wearables are about to fuel a new focus on smart, intuitive digital services for employees; the office is the next major connected ecosystem.

Due to the advancement in technology, employers are able to track staff around the workplace. Many think that this has Orwellian overtones, so it will only take-off if staff get big benefits. “When an employee arrives in a location, an app could automatically log them in,” says Mike Crooks, Head of Innovation, Mubaloo Innovation Lab.

“The app would know who the user is, it would then trigger the right contextual information, based on who they are and what they need,” adds Crooks. “This could then prompt them to follow the right process for their job. The app would give them the right information, helping to assist them and possibly navigate them elsewhere.”

To read the full article from TechRadar, explaining the different technologies in play to create a connected ecosystem in the office, click here.

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