By Dr. Mark Mason, CEO and founder of Mubaloo Group:

You may have recently read that Mubaloo was ranked third in the 2014 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in the UK. The results, assessed independently by Deloitte, were based on Mubaloo’s financial performance over the past five years of growth. Today, we found out that we have been ranked 25th across the whole of EMEA, out of 500 companies.

To say I’m proud would be an understatement.

To provide some context, the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA has been running for 14 years and includes over 20 countries including Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, UK, France, Germany and Turkey. The United Kingdom remains the second most represented country for the 3rd year running.

As an independent business, Mubaloo has built itself up from a relatively small initial investment I made back in 2009. It is a testament to the work done by everyone at the company, on behalf of the companies we work with, that we continue to receive recognition from independent sources.

I have always believed that when it comes to mobilisation, companies benefit the most when solutions are based around helping to achieve business objectives. This often requires a bespoke approach.

Whilst there are a vast number of apps and products that help companies with basic admin tasks, when it comes to driving the most value, it’s important to build products around the unique ways in which companies and employees work. This involves looking at processes, both internally and externally, and taking the time to assess how they can be improved.

Part of the reason bespoke apps help to deliver the best value is that they are tightly integrated with backend systems and are able to pull data from relevant third party sources.

We were far from the biggest company on the list in terms of overall turnover, but we have managed to be successful by sticking to what we believe in.

Receiving this recognition, and the other awards Mubaloo has gained over the past five and a half years, shows that the company is on the right track. It is my aim to further grow Mubaloo over the coming years, and to continue to be regarded as the top enterprise app developer and mobile consultancy in the UK.

I’d like to personally thank all of those who have worked for Mubaloo, selected us to help their business, partnered with us and supported us thus far. Without your support, achievements like this wouldn’t be possible.

As we draw toward 2015, we are able to reflect back on our achievements and look forward to what is already set to be a hugely successful year for Mubaloo.

We are already working on projects that will help companies to hugely improve the ways in which they operate, by innovating and rethinking operations.

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