With the number of connected devices expected to increase rapidly over the coming years, Mike Crooks, Head of Innovation at Mubaloo Innovation Lab, recently wrote an article for IoT Global Network about the reality distortion field of IoT.

Mike writes, “everywhere you look, there is a vast amount of hype about what IoT delivers, where the market is heading and what can be achieved. We’d be forgiven for thinking that IoT is already a complete world changer, that is fundamentally changing the dynamics of how we live and work.”

“In reality, how can we be close to the vision of IoT, when so much of the world and so many companies still aren’t properly utilising or understanding technologies that have been around for decades? In order for IoT to become a reality, we need to have a reality distortion field of what it can achieve. We need to sell the vision to get companies and people excited about the possibilities, before guiding them to the reality of what will actually deliver the most value.”

To read the full article on IoT Global Network, click here.

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