Merging the physical & digital

Did you know that half customers browse the physical store and buy online and two-thirds of customers do research online and then purchase offline?

This seems a complex pattern of customer behaviour, but in reality, it’s a common consumer tactic practised at a digital level. Where before we used to browse from store to store, looking for the best price, product or experience we now do this by using digital and physical channels.

The future of retail will be a hybrid and omnichannel experience where the lines between digital and physical become thinner and thinner.

The latest industry news indicates that key market players are already investing in these kinds of digital products:

Augmented reality: Nike is using it to sell limited edition sneakers; the company began experimenting with the technology in June during the release of the SB Dunk High Pro “Momofuku,” a model designed in collaboration with famous chef David Chang. Nike made pairs available through its SNKRS app for iOS (sorry, Android folks), and the only way sneakerheads could buy them was using a new AR feature.

mPOS:  Target built their MyCheckout App that allows staff to process online transactions on the customer’s behalf, including taking payments right from the store’s floor when merchandise is unavailable locally.

Artificial Intelligence: Adidas is redesigning their customer experience by using an AI-powered App which tailors suggestions based on consumer’s’ personal style. The move marks the first time the German sports giant has made forays into selling products in-app. As well as offering easy access to the brand’s online store, the app serves up customised product recommendations and inspiration via a tailored feed of articles, blog posts and videos. It also gives users real-time updates about the sports, athletes and products they care about.

As you can see the market is experimenting with mobile technology and how it can help create this unified shopping experience. But there needs to be a more strategic goal when planning these digital products for retail.

Planning a digital retail strategy

Every day we see retailers create this omnichannel experience by using mobile technology, but these digital products need to be aligned with a broader digital vision and with the overall company objectives.

We help organisations create a vision for digital that’s user-centric and iterative, an evolving roadmap for the future. We do this because we believe in the power of technology and its ability to improve the lives of individuals and the performance of organisations.

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