As of 2014, mobile sales outnumbered PC sales seven to one. There is no denying that we live in a mobile world. Within that mobile world, all eyes have been on apps and the potential revenue or improvements they can bring.

Last week, eight years after the iPhone was first introduced, Apple announced that in the first week of 2015, nearly $500,000,000 was generated through app sales and in-app purchases. This follows a record breaking year for the App Store, where billings rose by 50% and apps generated over $10 billion in revenue for developers.

To put that into perspective, in the five years prior to 2014, the App Store had generated $15 billion. Collectively, $25 billion has been generated, indicating that apps are not only here to stay, but have the potential to be a revenue driver for a number of businesses. Despite Android users downloading 60% more apps than iOS users, it is on iOS where developers make significantly more revenue, according to App Annie.

Outside of app revenue, there is important news for UK developers and businesses, with the iPhone increasing its market share by 12.2%, bringing its total market share to 42.5% according to Kantar. This follows the highly successful launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which accounted for 19% of smartphone sales.

Android retains the biggest UK market share at 49.7%, down by 6.7% year on year. This also saw Windows Phone slip by 3.6% to 7% and BlackBerry from 2.7% to just 0.8%.

As the stats currently show, Android and iOS have strengthened their status as the dominant platforms, with Windows Phone in a distant third and BlackBerry slip further in the UK.

From a mobile strategy perspective, never has there been a better time to focus on the opportunities for Android and iOS in business to help improve productivity, or provide tools for employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Apps are showing no signs of slowing down. Should connected devices, that will define the Internet of Things continue to rise, the role of apps to connect with the world around us will only increase.

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