This year, Real Business launched the First Women Summit to highlight female excellence in pioneering and driving entrepreneurial acumen, in often male-dominated industries. First Women is a movement that has been running for a decade; the Summit sought to bring together knowledge, learnings and progress made by First Women.

With participation from female leaders from companies such as Barclays, Alliance, HP, KPMG and Mastercard, the Summit was an opportunity to share ideas and discuss topics that women in business are passionate about.

Sarah Weller, Mubaloo’s Managing Director (London), was invited to join a panel to speak at the Summit on the idea of closing the gap in female entrepreneurship. As someone who has worked for a large corporate, before moving to smaller companies, Sarah had a large amount of insight to share with the attendees.

Joined by a panel from Wonder Place, MOVE Guides and Buddi, these influential women provided insight on how to succeed in a business environment and also discussed the process of getting there.

Sarah Weller suggested that even if you make it in a large corporate, the culture may not be for you. “Some do better in corporate culture. Sometimes a business just attracts a certain personality, so it doesn’t end up working out for everyone. It’s all about understanding the good and bad of working with a small business. It’s often better to start off working for one, and learn from the mistakes they’re willing to share, before you start another one.”

Click here to read the the rest of the highlights from Sarah’s panel – Female Entrepreneurship: Closing the gap.

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