Smartphones with Google’s Android service sold more than iPhones last year, according to the Carphone Warehouse.

The mobile phone provider has released figures which show that 75% of the phones it sold in the last quarter of 2010 were smartphones.

This was an increase on the usual figures of around 50-60%.

Carphone Warehouse’s Chief Executive Roger Taylor told the Guardian: “At some point in 2010 the Android overtook every other operating platform.”

He added that he expected smartphones to move into the pay-as-you-go market this year, as currently they are only available on pre-pay contracts.

This news echoes recent findings by the International Data Corporation which suggested that smartphone sales had increased by almost 90% in the last year.

And another survey by PC World revealed just how dependent Brits are on their mobile phones, as smartphones offer users the opportunity to surf the internet whenever they like.

The research revealed that half of people admit to taking their mobile phone into the bath with them.

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