As you can imagine, we are delighted to announce that we, along with Alamy have been shortlisted in the ‘Mobile/ Tablet Customer Facing App’ category for the Marketing on Mobile Awards. Nominated amongst impressive companies such as Barclays, British Airways, Lloyds Banking Group, Santander, NHS, The Weather Channel and TUI, it is sure to be an exciting night.

Mubaloo started working with Alamy in 2013 to create a new app focused around mobile photography. Alamy had noticed an increase in the number of the professional photographers who upload photos to its site from their phones. Seeking to create an easier way for photographers do this, Alamy worked with Mubaloo to create Stockimo.

Following market research, Alamy found that the vast majority of the photographers who use its network, use an iPhone. Stockimo was created around the iPhone, coded natively for iOS 7+ to make it easier for mobile photography to be uploaded and sold on Alamy’s global network.

Just a few months after launching, searches for Stockimo came fourth on Alamy’s web search terms. To monitor for quality, all photos that get submitted are reviewed, before going onto the network. Photos taken on professional equipment that get uploaded through the app also get rejected – Stockimo is a mobile first app. To date, over 145,000 mobile photos are available for organisations or media companies to buy. Hundreds of thousands more have been submitted.

Stockimo is very simple in its approach and comes from an understanding that often, the best camera you have, is the one you have on you. In the majority of cases, that camera is your phone. This photography may be exactly what publishers, news organisations, companies or other firms may need and Alamy’s network helps them find and buy it. It’s a way of helping people make money out of their mobile photos.
The idea of using mobile photos for advertising received a massive boost recently, with Apple plastering photos taken on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus across the globe as its campaign to promote its phones. Though it’s unlikely these images came from Stockimo, it demonstrates the sheer quality of mobile photography.

With the ceremony on the 28th May, we are looking forward to the big night, hopefully leaving with a trophy in hand.

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