Today, Alana Pearson, one of Mubaloo’s mobile strategy consultants, will be on a panel, discussing whether technology is the game changer, at the inaugural Larrey Society and HCUK event: The EMS Conference 2016: The Future for Emergency Medical Services. Mubaloo was invited to participate in the conference, thanks to our work within the healthcare sector; specifically following the launch of Dispatch App for London’s Air Ambulance, in partnership with EE.

With a background of working alongside healthcare providers, prior to joining Mubaloo, Alana has in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing healthcare providers. Alana will be joining Lynda Sibson, Consultant Editor, Journal of Paramedic Practice & Telemedicine Manager Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Mark Wilson Founder the GoodSAM App.

Each panelist will deliver a short presentation on their vision of the future of EMS, before going into a group discussion about whether technology is the game changer.

Whilst, technology can be and has been a game changer within emergency medical care, it has only been a game changer because it’s been applied in the right way. Technology alone is not the solution. It is the way in which technology is utilised to approach challenges that is the game changer.

Triangulation of phone signals, to give a rough estimate of where a person might be during an emergency call is one example of this. Most emergency service telephone exchanges have upgraded to a system known as EISEC – Enhanced Information Service for Emergency Calls, which means all calls made on a mobile automatically provide the ES operator with your number and service provider.

With this information, the phone can be triangulated between its nearest Masts and the ‘cell’ from which you are calling can be identified. Whilst this isn’t a pin-point location, it can mean that, in the case of a car crash, the emergency services have better chance of finding you. Today, this is one of the most basic examples of how technology is a game changer.

Technology alone, however, is not the game changer. Instead, it is how technology is used as an enabler, to solve user centric problems and issues, that so often changes the game.

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