I don’t use feature XYZ, therefore nobody uses feature XYZ, right?”

Wrong. Don’t assume the way you do things is the way a typical user is going to do them.
I see designers and developers (myself included) thinking like this all the time. We work with mobile devices all day every day, we get to know the platforms inside out. Design decisions we take as a given may well bamboozle less savvy users.

For example I don’t use home screen widgets on my Android phone, I find that they clutter my otherwise neat and tidy home screen.  Obviously that doesn’t mean that nobody uses widgets; there are literally thousands of widgets available to download through Google Play. I shouldn’t allow myself to fall into the mindset that I’d be wasting my time including a widget as no one’s going to use it.

Personal opinion is completely irrelevant as you are almost never the target audience. Test and research to get quantifiable evidence.

Matt Colliss (Senior Developer)

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