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We asked early adopters: Why did you buy Google Glass?

The early adopters buying Google Glass include developers wanting to build apps to see what the technology is capable of, but also those who want to see how Glass fits into the enterprise space.

Galaxy S5 safe for work with split billing

Samsung has updated its enterprise mobility security platform, Knox, with split billing so users can pay for work and personal calls separately, as well as a dedicated app store. This update comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5 to make Galaxy phones and tablets secure more secure in the workplace, with updates to other devices in the coming months.

Waitrose and Tesco begin trialling iBeacons for in-store offers and alerts

Both Tesco and Waitrose are trialling iBeacons but in slightly different ways. Tesco is trialling iBeacons in its Chelmsford store, sending messages to customers to remind them to collect pre-ordered goods. Waitrose, however, is using the technology at its experimental store in Swindon to alert shoppers of promotions when they’re in a particular area of the store.
Tesco has said it’s holding off using iBeacons for marketing messages and promotions over fears it could scare customers away. Waitrose is offering targeted promotions that it feels will enrich the customer experience. In addition to this, Waitrose is also exploring how mobile payments might work in-store.

Apple’s iPad still dominates the enterprise

Information Week
Despite a 16% year-on-year drop in iPad sales, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, revealed that the iPad is Apple’s fastest growing product in its history. On top of this, it seems to be leading the enterprise, with 92% of tablet activations in the enterprise coming from the iPad, according to the latest report from Good Technology.
This data was collected through tracking device activations from Good Technology’s customers’ organisations. While iPads and iPhones represented 72% of activations, Android accounted for most of the rest. Windows Phone handsets only accounted for 1% of activations.

Citrix testing business apps on Google Glass

PC Pro
We’re clearly not alone in thinking that Google Glass is going to find its main market in the enterprise. According to PC Pro, Citrix is testing out business apps on Glass in the workplace. Apps Citrix is testing include ShareFile with voice-to-text note capturing, and GoToAssist.
As Glass is still in the development stage of its product life cycle, Citrix tells PC Pro that Glass has some limitations. These include the battery and price. As a development device, Glass is yet to be fully optimised for full day use, and at $1,500, means they are only likely to be purchased at the moment by big corporations for use in a limited context.

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