On Saturday 7th March, 64 students from the University of Bristol gathered together for 26 hours to create new apps. In preparation for the Mubaloo sponsored Appathon, members of Mubaloo’s strategy, project management, design and development teams delivered presentations to students in the weeks leading up to the event. These covered everything from how to approach creating apps, to managing the time, how to get through a hackathon and where to focus efforts to create a functional app.

Starting off as 19 teams, throughout the course of the event, some decided to merge together resulting in 15 for the final count. With everything from one-man bands, to teams of six, many of the students had a sleepless night creating their idea for a new app from scratch.
Check out the video below to meet some of the teams and find out what they were creating:

Video shot on the iPhone 6 Plus and edited using iMovie on the iPad Air.After the 26 hours were up, three judges, including one of Mubaloo’s senior iOS developers, Richard Turton, went around to see what each team had created. Part of the judging criteria included how well the teams had coded their projects, whether their creation worked and how viable it would be in the real world.

From the 15 entries, three winners were selected, all with vastly different themes and ideas.

Team Lifebook – Aiden Thompson, Adam Renak, Dan Smith and Tom Rumsey
Copycat: This app was designed as a cross-platform, universal clipboard, to copy content from anywhere that syncs devices across as a ‘digital’ clipbook. The idea is to make it easier to access images, copied text or any other content seamlessly across devices. It’s easy to see how such a tool would be useful for students, or in a business environment where users will be moving from device to device. The judges were impressed by its viability and the fact that the team had a working demo across different devices.

Team Treasureship1421 – Wenbin Shao and Damas Nawanda
TinkerHunt: TinkerHunt is a puzzle-action game where users have to trap as many creatures in boxes. Though it sounds like a simple premise, the game gets increasingly difficult each time a box is created, the points that get used disappear making it harder to create traps. The judges were impressed by this app as it not only worked, but also showed potential for being an addictive game that would keep players coming back.

Team dBug Us – Ben Allen and Rory Smith
Flare: Flare is a messaging app that utilises GPS, Beacons and other location aware technology, so that users can stay in touch with their friends with minimal input. The app is designed for festivals and other large events where you may get separated from friends and mobile data or signal may not work. It’s designed around short interactions to send quick messages to friends via either mobile data or Bluetooth. The judges were highly impressed with how the team had implemented their idea, utilised different technologies and had a functioning app that could go live relatively quickly.

Team Lifebook – Aiden Thompson, Adam Renak, Dan Smith and Tom Rumsey with judge Richard Turton

Team Lifebook Winners at Appathon

Team Treasureship1421 – Wenbin Shao and Damas Nawanda with judge Richard Turton

Team Treasurehunt1421 at Appathon

Tinker Hunt app

Team dBug Us – Ben Allen and Rory Smith with judge Richard Turton

Team dBug Us at Appathon

Flares app

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