Jason Carter, Chief Digital Officer EMEA at IPG Mediabrands, offers his take on virtual reality at MWC.

In previous years, the use of virtual reality has been confined to the gaming industry, but at MWC this year it became clear that brands are now discovering the power of cinematic experiences that companies such as Jaunt offer. Jaunt are a virtual reality production company based in the US, with offices around the globe. Jaunt aim to offer the most realistic, immersive virtual reality experience, giving the viewer a sense of presence like never before.

jason jaunt

For example, Jaunt recently created a VR experience with Manchester City FC that aims to bring the excitement of match day to viewers and fans at home. Accessing the experience is easy, all users need to do is download the Jaunt app and choose whether to watch their experience in a cinematic VR viewer or in the 360 degrees version.

In order set a new benchmark to deliver this technology, Jaunt built their own VR camera system, the Jaunt ONE. It is the first professional camera system that has been specifically designed for stereoscopic, cinematic VR experiences.

Jaunt one

The uses of virtual reality for brands and enterprises are endless, as the technology can be used not only for entertainment purposes and storytelling but also for training sessions that are as close to ‘reality’ as possible. NASA for example has been using VR for many years to prepare astronauts for their experience in space.

Dowload the Jaunt app from the App store or Google Play.  

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