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Field notes: ‘Rogue’ employees want IT to lighten up already

Computer World
The main theme from speakers at the CITE conference held in San Francisco earlier this week was to “enable rather than enforce” new technologies in the workplace. At the conference session titled “Let your users go rogue without going off the range”, panelists agreed that employees aren’t going to stop finding and downloading productivity tools like Dropbox or Box that help them to do their job more efficiently, unless there are better bespoke alternatives.
One panelist revealed that 50% of corporate employees use some kind of unapproved productivity app, but users aren’t fully aware of the security implications. One solution to this is to develop bespoke enterprise apps that are secure and make life easy for the user. If apps aren’t intuitive, the uptake in usage won’t be as high and businesses risk employees returning to the old methods they were using before!

Designing engaging UIs for enterprise apps

 Leading on from this, it’s essential that enterprise apps are meeting the demands of users. According to Appcelerator’s State of the Mobile Enterprise report, 86% of respondents agree that user experience matters as much in enterprise apps as it does in consumer apps.  Mubaloo’s creative director, Hannah Tempest, blogs about the importance of designing engaging UIs for enterprise apps.

Google launches Google Docs & Sheets apps for iPhone, iPad & Android

Earlier this week, Google released standalone apps Google Docs and Google Sheets. Both of the iPhone, iPad and Android apps are free and like Google Drive, feature collaborate editing, file-sharing and the ability to edit documents offline. This move comes after Apple offered its productivity suite for free to users with devices purchased after November 2013, as well as the launch of Office for iPad, which comes at a cost. It will be interesting to see who wins the battle of the productivity suites. According to VentureBeat, a new Google Slides app is also on its way too!

What Apple’s recent earnings tell us

Mubaloo’s PR manager, Robert Haslam, takes a look at Apple’s earnings for the first quarter of this year. Despite a decrease in sales, the iPad is the fastest growing product in Apple’s history, and has a lot of use cases in the enterprise.

Qualcomm to spin off its retail solutions wing, as proximity market hots up

Mobile Europe
As interest in beacon technology is steadily increasing, Qualcomm announced earlier this week that it has found investors for its Gimbal business and will spin it off into an independent company. Gimbal provides Bluetooth Low Energy and beacon technology, as well as analytics software and geo-fencing solutions to help retailers market services and products. Mubaloo has also recently announced MiBeacons, to enable businesses to deliver contextually relevant in the enterprise space.

Facebook lets users login to apps anonymously

The Telegraph
Facebook is changing privacy for users when logging into third-party apps. Users will be able to log into these apps anonymously so they can try them out before giving away personal information from their Facebook accounts. The user also gets to choose which bits of information the apps can access from their Facebook accounts, rather than having to agree to giving away data they might not feel comfortable with. “By giving people more power and control, they’re going to trust all the apps that we build more, and over time use them more. And that’s positive for everyone,” said Zuckerberg.
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