Ever since Apple introduced the iPad and iBooks back in 2010, iOS users have been able to store PDFs and other documents on their devices. Despite being able to annotate iBooks, editing PDFs has always been a missing key feature; something can be a source of frustration for any business user or student. One only has to look at the top four paid productivity apps, on the App Store, to see how much demand there is for this type of feature.

With WWDC in just a matter of hours, could we be seeing Apple’s OSX Preview software making its way to iOS? If any of the screen leaks are true, yes, yes we could.
For those iOS users who don’t use OSX, Preview is one of the Mac’s most powerful tools for document editing and manipulation. If it does make its way to iOS, here are just a few of the features that make it one of the best productivity tools freely available:
  • Note taking: Make notes on any document with text boxes, speech bubbles, outlined text or a thought bubble – great for annotating presentations, filling in forms or making notes on PDF documents.
  • Highlighting and strikethrough: highlighting is already available for making notes on books, but is currently missing for PDFs, Preview takes it one step further with the ability to strikethrough text; making it easy to review documents on the move.
  • Add or remove pages: Without using a third party app, there is currently no way to remove or add pages from any PDF document from an iPad. Preview makes it easy to cut, copy or paste pages out of PDFs; a seriously useful tool for anyone needing to make a quick change prior to going into a meeting or sending a document onto a client.
  • Adding a signature: Trying to get to the paperless is all very well and good; right up until a document requires a signature. Preview contains a feature for Mac’s, with HD FaceTime cameras, where the user can sign a piece of paper and hold it to the camera to add to documents. Currently the only way to do this is via third party apps by digitally signing their iPad or iPhone.
With the iPhone and iPad continuing to take more of a hold in the business market, an app like Preview makes sense with iOS 8. Following Keynote, Numbers and Pages going free last year, Apple is clearly building up its case for iOS in business.
You can follow the latest announcements from WWDC by following @mubaloo on Twitter, seeing the latest from one of our Senior iOS developers, James Frost @frosty on the ground at the show or watching the live stream here.
By Robert Haslam, PR Manager

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