Windows Phone rumours are escalating ahead of next week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is Las Vegas where Microsoft are expected to shed some light on their plans for 2012.

Various sources have suggested that Microsoft will spend in the region of $200 million this year on advertising in the U.S. alone (eWeek). There are also suggestions of aggressive sales incentives with retail workers being offered commission of $10 to $15 per Windows Phone handset sold (

In relation to the actual Operating Systems, a leak uncovered by suggests that an update entitled Apollo is designed to turn Windows Phones into “superphones” although we are not really sure what this involves. The road map offers two further bullet points: “Increase overall volume” and “business” (eWeek). This is expected to launch in Q4 2012 in line with when Microsoft expects volume to increase.

Tango on the other hand, is an OS update rumoured for Q2 2012 that will concentrate on the functionality of the low-end handsets for the “best prices.” (
2012 is certainly going to be a very important year for Microsofts Windows Phone. Right from the low-end smartphones and Tango, to Apollo, ‘superphones’ and vitally the business market. With Apollo not expected to launch until Q4 though, have Microsoft got their timing right? Will Mango, and a large scale marketing effort, be enough to increase market share throughout 2012 against Android and iPhone?
One thing is for sure; we cannot wait to find out more at next week’s CES!

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