Good news for Symbian fans and there are certainly a lot of us: Symbian isn’t going anywhere. Nokia has confirmed it will continue selling phones built on the platform long after the first Windows Phone 7-based Nokia breaks cover.

Nokia committed its high-end smartphone future to Microsofts Windows Phone platform back in early February, leading to fears that Symbian would be dropped altogether.

But we can assure you now thats not going to happen. Nokias head of developer relations Purnima Kochikar has assure us that well have no shortage of new Symbian handsets to get excited about over the next year or two, regardless of what happens with Windows Phone 7.

We will be selling [Symbian] devices long after Windows Phone devices from Nokia have already started to appear, Kochikar said in an open letter to developers.

Over the past weeks we have been evaluating our Symbian roadmap and now feel confident we will have a strong portfolio of new products during our transition period i.e. 2011 and 2012.

Kochikars comments echo forecasts last week from research firm Ovum that there very much is a roadmap in place for Symbian going forward, and that we can look forward to faster processors, better graphics and stronger integration of services from our future Symbian smartphones.

Nokia has been assuring us that Symbian still has a bright future ever since the Windows Phone tie-up was first announced, and thankfully thats far more than an empty promise. In fact, with the promise of new, more powerful Symbian phones on the horizon, were as excited as ever about the immediate future of the platform.

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