Last night at Yahoo’s first mobile developer conference, Yahoo! Mobile Development Suite was announced. This was in the hopes of  Yahoo! positioning itself as the company that can help to monetise, create and promote apps. This combining:

  • Yahoo App Publishing for monetisation
  • Search In Apps
  • App Marketing (powered by Flurry Analytics)

Yahoo is positioning itself as the company that can help to monetise, create and promote apps. Yahoo wants to convince developers that it can help them with mobile advertising to generate revenue, intelligence and promote apps.

In terms of where Yahoo sees mobile, Flurry CEO, Simon Khalaf shared that there are currently three big trends:

  • Phablets are causing a huge rise in media consumption, due to their larger screens
  • Mobile shopping rapidly increasing
  • Messaging apps are becoming platforms, for example with games in Line and Snapchat introducing its payment feature, Snapcash

These are areas that Yahoo believes will continue to drive monetisation within the apps space, tailoring its systems around such trends:

The numbers

Last year, Yahoo’s mobile revenue reached $1.2 billion, following 575 million monthly mobile visitors to its properties, demonstrating that it is able to drive monetisation from its own apps. Meanwhile, 200,000 app developers use Flurry’s analytics in more than 630,000 apps, reaching 1.6 billion devices. With Flurry now being a part of Yahoo, the company is able to utilise its own tools with Flurry analytics to help drive more targeted, relevant ads that leads to monetisation.

Yahoo wants to help developers create innovative apps that can grow and earn money for the developers as well as Yahoo.

Mobile Developer Suite

In addition to bringing together elements from Yahoo’s recent acquisitions and its platforms, it is also updating each with new features:

  • Flurry Explorer – a new analytics tool that lets developers ask complex questions of data to get answers in seconds. This is free at any scale.
  • Flurry Pulse – allowing developers to easily and securely share any data collected via apps with their partners. For example, rather than having to integrate ComScore’s SDK into apps, developers can use pulse to then share the data, leading to the size of apps shrinking whilst improving stability.
  • Yahoo App Publishing – through the Flurry SDK, developers can integrate Yahoo’s Gemini native ads to fit into different app feeds. This means that ads can morph to match the apps design, helping to make it easier to integrate ads into apps.
  • Video ads – following the acquisition of video adtech startup BrightRoll, developers can pipe BrightRoll ads into their apps through the Flurry SDK.
  • Yahoo Search In Apps – an integrated search tool for mobile apps, helping to keep users in apps, rather than having to jump on the web, or another app. Developers will be able to share in the ad revenue, if users click on search ads.

This is now integrated in Yahoo’s main app, Yahoo News Digest, Yahoo Mail and Android launcher Yahoo Aviate. Yahoo Native Ads – developers can target ads in Yahoo, Tumblr and across the web, thanks to Flurry, with a self-serve tool.

Tempting developers

All of this is aimed at getting developers to use Yahoo’s tools. By providing free analytics and options for monetisation and promotion, Yahoo is saying to developers that it’s easier to use its platform. This is a similar play to companies like RadiumOne, who offer free tools to developers for analytics as a way of encouraging them to use their advertising tools and other products.

Yahoo knows how important mobile is to its future success. It’s clear that it hopes its new tools will be enough to attract developers and advertising revenue away from Facebook and Google’s own tools. Let the battle commence.

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