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How data is shaping the beautiful game

Rising political instability worldwide, the use of social media as a medium for protest and the ever-evolving way in which people can voice their thoughts – people are making their voices heard across the globe. In business, especially, the opinions of the public are...

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Mubaloo Shortlisted for the UXUK Awards

  We are proud to announce that our Alexa-powered interactive ad unit has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Innovation’ category at this year’s UXUK Awards. Mubaloo and Initiative worked hard together to create this world’s first concept which has given us fantastic...

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Mubaloo Hackathon 2018

Apple released their iOS augmented reality kit earlier this year and have just released their shiny new update — ARKit 2. With AR functionality at every iPhone owner’s fingertips (and with Android hot on their tails) AR is fast becoming accessible to anyone with a...

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Mubaloo have been named as a Top App Developer

We are proud to have been recognised for our continued support and maintenance post-launch as well as our leading consultation and development.   The Business of Apps group ‘rounds up the best app development companies from multiple geographies, with a proven...

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Chatbot Update – 30 years since the first bot

The rise of voice in chatbots If you regularly interact with brands, companies or messenger apps – whether as a customer or a developer – then you’ll have encountered a chatbot. Over the past few years, they’ve become an increasingly sophisticated means of customer...

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The 5G revolution: What you need to know

The upcoming rollout of 5G networks will have wide-ranging implications for individuals, companies, developers and everyone in between. We take a closer look at what 5G might mean for you, and when you can expect to start feeling the benefits. What is 5G? Put simply,...

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Mubaloo awarded “Best Use of Technology” by Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that Mubaloo have won Campaign Mag’s Marketing New Thinking 2018 Award, Best Use of Technology, for the Amazon Echo campaign, ‘The world’s first Alexa- powered ad’!   We buckled down alongside fellow Mediabrands agency, Initiative, to...

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What’s new from Apple?

Tech watchers were paying close attention as Apple held its annual hardware launch event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California. Rumours of what would be announced swirled ahead of the show – now the dust has settled, we cut through the hype and break down everything...

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Art vs Science in Digital Product Design

    Art vs Science in Digital Product Design   You know that a barrel is being scraped somewhere when you start to read a blog post on digital product design and it opens with an introduction into Tim Minchin. However, I hope that what follows proves to...

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Improving people’s lives with technology – TalkAssist

Written by  Claire Barrett UX/UI Designer at Mubaloo The background of Talk Assist: Talk Assist was one of Mubaloo’s first ever app creations — developed back in 2012. The idea was simple; create an app that utilises iOS’ text to speech engine that would help people...

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Mubaloo announces Marcus Wareham as Strategy Director

Mubaloo announces Marcus Wareham as Head of Strategy. With over 10 years experience in the strategy world, Marcus understands the impact digital transformation is having on consumer behaviour and how a clearly defined strategy approach to brand, business model and...

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The importance of Apple’s ARKit2 for the enterprise

ARKit2 Whether you are a fan of augmented reality or not, Apple’s new update is an impressive leap forward for tech. One year on since ARKit’s debut last September in iOS 11, Apple has now revealed the upgraded version, ARKit2, allowing developers to create the most...

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How GDPR is affecting UX/UI

If you haven’t already heard the word GDPR yet! Here’s a brief overview for you. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR for short for the cool cats) has been coined up by EU Parliament & Council for the purpose of protecting citizens information in the digital...

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Strategic Account Manager | Bristol May 2018

Mubaloo is looking for a strategic account manager to join our Bristol office.  The most essential skill for this role is the ability to build strong relationships with existing clients and expand our existing network of stakeholders across the accounts. Mubaloo has...

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Business and the Blockchain

Breaking into the Blockchain Blockchain has been shrouded in both mystery and hype since its creation. With both Ted Talks and Google Talk’s speakers praising it as a new foundation for trade, with limitless potential. We are told it will be the digital ledger of the...

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The Artificial Mind and its Impact on Business

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and how they Interact with the World of Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way from the impressive imaginations of fiction authors or the computer, Deep Blue, that beat Chess Grandmaster...

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Mobile World Congress – #ICYMI

Before I start giving you an overview of what happened at the Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC) and for those of you that are reading about it for the first time, I must warn you, that this event isn’t about only mobile (despite the misleading conference title). The...

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Senior UX/UI Designer | Bristol March 2018

This role offers the chance to join a talented Design team within a forward thinking agency. The Senior UX / UI Designer role is perfect for someone with the passion and perspective for understanding the creative challenge and inspiring clients what’s possible through...

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