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Mubaloo Lands Clutch UK Leader for Mobile App Developer

For the fifth year in a row, we are proud to announce our continued success in Clutch’s annual report of leading firms in the United Kingdom, featuring the 374 most highly reviewed companies in the industry. Representing the UK, we were highlighted as a leader in...

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CES 2018 Roundup

CES is the world biggest event for consumer tech, but in such a massive event it's always hard to cut through the noise and focus on what matters. That's why we thought to write this short CES roundup focusing on what matters and highlighting some significant tech...

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Computer Vision – The First Step into AI

Intro to computer vision For those of you that haven't been paying attention to the latest AI developments, it seems that it’s still up in the air as to exactly when businesses will start to integrate this cutting-edge technology into our day-to-day lives. But, in a...

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Retail Round-up | Merging Physical & Digital

Merging the physical & digital Did you know that half customers browse the physical store and buy online and two-thirds of customers do research online and then purchase offline? This seems a complex pattern of customer behaviour, but in reality, it's a common...

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The five-minute-read of Apple’s 2017 September Event

Here is our five-minute-read that summarises what was announced by Tim Cook and his team in California with a focus on the two new iPhones. The location: For the first time, Apple made their usual September announcement at their new home right on the Steve Jobs...

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RetireMe App by Equiniti gets Top Award

We're always happy when we get recognised for our work, but we're extra proud when our clients are awarded for work we've done together. Equiniti RetireMe App was awarded "Technology Innovation of the Year" by the UK Pensions Awards. The awards shine the light on...

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MD, Sarah Weller, Shortlisted for First Women Awards

Mubaloo's Managing Director, Sarah Weller, has been shortlisted for a First Women Award in the category of Science and Technology. The winner of this award will be redressing the balance of this male-dominated field; inspiring younger women with her achievements. She...

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Preview: Six Key Success Factors for Digital Products

Digital product development has changed dramatically over the last few years. Whereas consumer apps developed by brands to engage their audience and generate revenue have long become part of everyday user activity, enterprise mobility and the use of other digital...

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The Challenges of Remote Working

More than 35 years after the world’s first laptop went on sale, remote working is finally becoming a reality for many businesses. Whereas up until about a decade ago, investment in portable infrastructure and the lack of supporting business software were major hurdles...

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How Retailers are Using Chatbots to Service Customers

Modern retail is experiencing a role reconfiguration. Traditionally, it was the product that brought customers to a retailer. Not anymore. Now, customer engagement drives the industry, and in an increasingly digital marketplace the essence of customer engagement lies...

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Mobile Monday Bristol #10: AI and Robotics

This past Monday evening, the first in March, 50 tech hungry souls descended on the McCann office in Bristol to ease their mind with a dose of knowledge courtesy of a packed out Mobile Monday. Mobile Monday, or MoMo to it’s friends, is a series of events held across...

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Senior Project Manager to join the Bristol office

ABOUT US Mubaloo is an award-winning team of mobile consultants and mobile app development experts. Over the past seven years, Mubaloo has created hundreds of apps with organisations worldwide including Aviva, Bang & Olufsen, Crossrail, RAC, Hargreaves Lansdown,...

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Virtual Reality at Mobile World Congress

Jason Carter, Chief Digital Officer EMEA at IPG Mediabrands, offers his take on virtual reality at MWC. In previous years, the use of virtual reality has been confined to the gaming industry, but at MWC this year it became clear that brands are now discovering the...

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Retail Innovations at Mobile World Congress

Sarah's retail focused tour at this year's MWC17 lists innovations such as using mobile wallet for loyalty schemes, created by Urban Airship and Apple pay. Many companies, including NTS and Genesis talked about seamless, proactive, personalised approaches to a brand's...

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Creating Skills for Amazon Alexa

Digital personal assistants allow hands-free interaction through simplistic and convenient voice control. Users are able to carry out a number of actions that would typically involve turning to a smartphone or tablet to complete; finding weather updates, playing...

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Mobile World Congress: first impressions

After a decade of iPhone releases, innovation in mobile phone manufacturing is still a key component of what drives the industry today. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, both Sony and Alcatel (among others) presented their latest phones, the Xperia XZ Premium /...

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