Whether it’s in the consumer or enterprise space, the Internet of Things is a hot topic. According to Gartner, 6.4 billion connected things are expected to be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30% from 2015. By 2020, this number is predicted to reach 20.8 billion.

To help understand the 10 ways Internet of Things could change the world, TechRadar recently published a piece looking at what is expected over the course of 2016. The piece discusses the fact that many more IoT platforms are expected to hit the market, joining Amazon Web Services IoT platform, which officially launched today. As Mubaloo Innovation Lab has discussed before, Bluetooth is also expected to get smarter and faster, facilitating a wider spread of BLE beacons across all sectors.

To help understand the roles beacons will play, TechRadar spoke to Mike Crooks, Head of Innovation at Mubaloo Innovation Lab, who said “beacons mean that apps are able to open in the right place.” Mike gave the example of an engineer approaching an asset in the field. “The app would open on the right page to bring up the information and tools the employee needs for that specific asset.”

As beacons integrate with environmental sensors for industries such as logistics, we can expect to see beacons becoming more than a location based technology. As the role beacons play in the Internet of Things increases, we anticipate that beacons will become a key driver of operational improvements, helping to further enable business intelligence.

To read more about how the Internet of Things is expected to change the world in 2016 from TechRadar, click here.

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