Wearables in the enterprise

With the introduction of Apple Watch, the adoption of wearables has been given a boost this year. As adoption increases in the consumer space, the enterprise needs to consider what wearables mean for business.

While wearables pose many questions for companies, how the enterprise handles wearables and the data they collect is not yet well defined, as discussed by TechRadar recently. The article, at one point, focuses on the legal considerations relating to data from wearables. There is currently no easy way of finding, preserving, retrieving and analysing data from wearables prior to a court case, or for any other use. Unlike email systems, there are no off-the-shelf solutions currently available in the industry to seamlessly capture and convert the disparate data stores into a form that is manageable for attorneys to review for its relevancy. For now, it’s a manual process for technical experts.

According to JP Luchetti, Mubaloo’s consultancy director, many businesses would prefer to stay out of court altogether. “We’re talking to companies about using wearables to help keep them out of court, by incorporating Bluetooth beacon interactions to trigger alerts about health and safety and ensure that employees are following the right procedures.”

This article from TechRadar, investigates into the risks of wearables and the security concerns that companies face as they begin to infiltrate the workplace. To read to full article, click here.

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