The resounding message from the Summer budget was that companies need to continue to be more efficient and more productive to enable Britain’s continued turnaround. Successful, profitable companies means a more sustainable and vibrant economy. Companies therefore need to invest money in the right places to achieve these goals.

According to Mubaloo’s chairman, Mark Mason, technology has and should continue to be a key factor in driving the success of the UK economy. As a country, we embraced new technologies, that saw us change the world. Technology enabled us to build faster ships. Technology enabled us to be the first country in the world to see huge migration to cities. Technology turned time consuming jobs around. We became Great Britain because of our lead in technology.

Last week, Mark Mason spoke with The London Economy about how the evolution of technology allow companies to be faster and more efficient. As the world becomes more connected, business intelligence will increase, unravelling a plethora of opportunities for enterprises.

To read the full article from The London Economy, click here.

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