Since 2012, Clutch has acted as an independent source for companies to find the best app developers in the world. Today, the company has carried out over 300 reviews in 50 countries and covers IT consulting and services, mobile app developers, web and software developers and marketing firms.

Mubaloo has consistently been ranked highly by Clutch, thanks largely to interviews Clutch carries out with the companies we work with. In this latest review, a global management firm spoke with Clutch to highlight their feedback on the various projects Mubaloo has worked with them on.

After their interview with Clutch, the global management firm provided this summary:

β€œThe Investment Management Corporation is very satisfied with the work delivered by Mubaloo. They deliver excellent mobile applications for iOS and Android that have received strong user feedback. Mubaloo is highly recommended to others.”

“The application works great. Everyone who saw it has given really positive feedback on Mubaloo’s work. We’ve had a very small defect list.”
β€” Head of Corporate Applications Team, Investment Management Corporation

To read the full review from this Investment Management Corporation, click here.

Alternatively download the PDF, here.

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