Nowadays, users seeking products and services are more likely to make a purchases from a mobile app than by using any other method. Therefore, companies need to address their mobile application infrastructure to meet customer demand.

This article investigates what is involved with setting up a mobile application infrastructure, if your company wants to develop, host, and launch an app or multiple apps.

To gather a better understanding of the considerations companies should take when thinking about developing a mobile application infrastructure, The Pulse of IT spoke with Ryan French, Mubaloo’s Head of Web. Ryan said, “mobile app environments are usually hosted in the cloud, whereas traditional environments have been on local servers. However, if you are a small to medium sized business (SMB) today and aren’t using the cloud, then you may run into productivity blockers, if you’re not able to quickly provision on-premise hardware.”

To read the full article from The Pulse of IT and gather insight from Ryan and other mobile IT leaders on the considerations for mobile application infrastructure development, click here.

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