Over the past 14 months, we have seen a huge uptake from wealth management firms who are investing in mobility programmes and transformation. In light of a recent project with one wealth management firm we work with, Clutch, a B2B research organisation, interviewed the firm regarding our partnership and the work we produced with them.

Clutch’s interview process independently verifies the work we do with our clients.

The wealth management firm wanted to provide a solution to meet the needs of their clients and customers. Working with institutions who would provide services to individuals, the client wanted to work with a consultancy and developer in the UK with experience in the financial sector, to help provide added value to the end customer.

After their interview with Clutch, the client provided this summary:

β€œThe client had a positive experience with Mubaloo. The client praised the work by Mubaloo’s design team as well as their project manager’s level of support and attention to detail. The client indicated that the support and flexibility on Mubaloo’s end were exceptionally good.”

“They were responsive, and we were particularly impressed with the way Mubaloo’s project manager spent time with us. He was able to answer questions on a technical level as well, which we found incredibly helpful.”
β€” Product Manager, Wealth Management Firm

To read the full review from this Wealth Management firm, click here.

Alternatively download the PDF, here.

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