With the dramatic impact that mobile has had on all of our lives, driving the consumerisation of IT, Christian Annesley of The Pitch approached Mubaloo to speak about the impact mobile has had on our lives and across the enterprise. Christian spoke to Mubaloo’s MD, Sarah Weller, about mobile in business, the opportunity for mobile across sectors  and how the rise of the app has changed everything.

Speaking on the evolution of mobile, Sarah explained: “The journey with enterprise apps tells a story. When apps first emerged there was that moment when some corporates felt the understandable need to do something symbolic and create an app. It wasn’t necessarily driven by need but was more of a nice-to-have.

“But in the past few years mobile and the mobile app has become a profound source of change in business, driving disruption in industries like travel and transport – think Uber or TripAdvisor – and also enabling efficiency gains across the board.

“Behind the high-profile industry disruptor businesses, some of the most striking change can be seen where apps are supplanting paper-based processes.

“Apps are smart and can drive improvement by being responsive and analysing the data. It means the impact apps can have compared with simple paper processes is extraordinary.”

Sarah also shared the story of how mobile helped transform Unite’s maintenance operations; to see more on this and to read the whole article, click here.

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