Like many other industries, the financial services sector is having to adapt to the consumerisation phenomenon. Mobile devices are an essential piece of technology for financial services professionals and customers alike, whether used for accessing information, supporting transactions or for a variety of other banking activities.

Financial institutions need to realise that there is a generation that’s growing up having never really gone into a bank to ask for advice as a result of growing up with technology. By including the ability to help people understand their spending habits and set goals they want to reach, such as saving for a holiday, a new car or whatever it is, mobile could be the ‘always with you’ personal adviser. No one is in as good a position as banks to provide this type of service.

In this article for BankNXT, Juan Pablo Luchetti, Mubaloo Consultancy Director, identifies the opportunities for mobile in the financial sector and the need for the sector to acknowledge that mobile is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘need to have’.

To read the full article from BankNXT, click here.

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