For years, Apple has been trying to push developers to abandon splash screens, wanting them instead to use a still image of their apps to give the impression that it is loading up. Splash screens are a hangover from the past, where software could be slow to load. Apps are meant to load quickly and allow users to do what they need to do.

With iOS 9 and 3D Touch, Apple is taking the war on splash screens to the next level. Not only will 3D Touch make splash screens seem very out of place, but Apple will also downgrade any apps that use splash screens in its search. Apple is effectively saying, ‘If you slow down the user experience by using splash screens, it is you who will suffer, not the user.

With a call to app developers, JP Luchetti, Mubaloo’s consultancy director wrote an article for Developer Tech demanding the need to take a stand against requests to include splash screens in apps.

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