With the full release of the 9th edition of Apple’s iOS, EGR Mobile Intelligence spoke to Alana Pearson, Mubaloo’s senior mobile strategy consultant, to examine the new features and upgrades to this major mobile platform.

Despite there not being a drastic departure from iOS 8 in the looks department, the Cupertino based behemoth has crafted an OS that adopters report as being more intelligent, refined and secure than previous versions. Alana said, “with functions such as Siri having the ability to learn about a user’s habits and preferences, this results in a mobile operating system that helps to make our lives that bit easier in hundreds of different ways.”

iOS 9 features are also having an impact on how end users interact with mobile apps. With a change in how apps are searched, Alana Pearson said, “developers are able to make content within their apps searchable, so that users can find what they need. Also apps which users don’t have installed can also be discovered by searching for terms like ‘football statistics’ or ‘horse racing’.”

To the core of iOS 9

Source: EGR Mobile Intelligence Magazine, August 2015


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