Writing for BankNXT, JP Luchetti, Mubaloo’s Consultancy Director talks about why Equiniti went mobile to help plan for its, and its clients, future.

Equiniti makes payments totaling over £13bn per annum to 2.3 million pensioners in 180 countries. In the UK alone, Equiniti provides software and services to over seven million of the UK’s pension scheme members. Noticing a shift in customer perceptions of pensions, and driven by heightened complexities and options with pension products, customer queries were increasingly putting pressure on the company.

Equiniti knew that it had to act to help its customers and improve its overall brand perception. While the company had a good reputation for administration services, it saw that member engagement on its website was poor. The self-service site was seen as functional, but clunky. In a world of easy-to-use, engaging apps and responsive websites, Equiniti was aware that there was a need to modernize and re-engage with its clients’ pension scheme members. Change was needed.

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