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On July 15, 2015, Jason Wong, principal research analyst at Gartner hosted a webinar titled ‘Six mobile concepts to transform your business’.

The six concepts include:

  • Social and peer collaboration
  • Contextual awareness
  • Entertainment and gamification
  • Augmentation
  • UI of IoT
  • Disintermediation

In the third concept of entertainment and gamification, Haymarkets’ CarNameGame app was mentioned. Exploring gamification in B2E and B2B apps can harness our natural instinct to play and compete. For example, field service technicians comparing how they are performing against others in terms of delivery time and other metrics, and health apps to get employees to compete for wellness programs.

Using this concept companies can drive brand engagement and awareness with mobile entertainment in B2C apps, rather than using mobile advertising or informational mobile apps.

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