Mike Crooks, Head of Innovation at Mubaloo Innovation Lab recently spoke to TechRadar Pro about smart cities and the role that Bluetooth beacons may play.

In this article, TechRadar discusses the idea of a smart city and analyses the elements that make a city truly smart. For example, the article argues that for a city to be truly smart, infrastructure needs to be designed to create hyper-location and automated services. Cue Bluetooth beacons, the hardware behind the ‘physical connected web’. With advances that Bluetooth 4.2 brings, such as mesh networking and IPv6 connectivity, the article looks at what the opportunities are.

“Having a mesh of beacons across a city, all on a private network, to collect and send data back to a centralised hub, could be a lower cost solution than traditional smart city technologies,” says Mike, referring to the various types of radio frequency standards currently being proposed for IoT devices.

To read the full article on TechRadar Pro, click here.

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