In the run up to Apps World 2015 JP Luchetti, Mubaloo’s consultancy director, was interviewed on some of the big trends in mobile strategy; specifically around the idea of a human centric strategy.

All the big technology companies have been waxing lyrical over the past month at their events about the importance of putting users first and technology last. Therefore, to shine light on this all important topic, JP will be there in person on the 18th November at 10:35am to dissect the following points:

  • Why the only opinion that matters is the users’
  • Why adoption only happens when you make life easier for the user
  • To figure it out, you need to fail fast, fail better
  • Why you need to adopt a minimal viable strategy to build a dynamic roadmap

To read Part 1 of JP’s interview, click here.

Mubaloo will be exhibiting at the two day event, so make sure you come over and speak to us about our most recent projects with the likes of London’s Air Ambulance, Equiniti and Hanson at stand #131.

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