Smart technology, bold tech investment, talent nurturing and an end to the digital deficit, are just some of what is needed to build the UK Digital economy, according to an article from Computer Business Review.

Mubaloo, alongside other industry experts, were asked to comment on what would make the UK a successful digital economy.

Including his insights on the role of smartphones, superfast broadband, IPv6 plan, security and efficiency for the UK Digital economy, Mubaloo’s Digital Director, Karl Loudon gave his opinion on talent nurturing:

“To make the UK synonymous with digital, the government needs to put more focus on training and getting amazing talent into the UK. This means putting a focus on helping ensure that anyone who leaves school has the skills they need to work. This could help a number of young people who may need to leave school at 16 for a number of reasons, to help them have jobs that are more flexible.”

To read the full story on CBR, click here.

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