Beacons – Stop Gap Technology?

In 2013 when iBeacons were quietly announced by Apple at WWDC, early speculation focused on using the technology in retail. While Mubaloo Innovation Lab has helped retailers and advertisers mature the consumer use cases and develop valuable solutions to help enhance...

LSE Retail, Media & Technology Conference 2016

Last Saturday I spoke at the London School of Economics’ Retail, Media and Technology Conference to share Mubaloo’s experience with beacon technology. As an event focused on emerging tech, I was keen to share real world commercial use cases of the technology and how...

What is the MiBeacons platform?

Tom Barbour, Mubaloo Innovation Lab’s Technical Project Manager talks about the features of the MiBeacons platform and why they are important in beacon integration.

What is the role of beacons in the inevitable smart city?

Mike Crooks, Head of Innovation at Mubaloo Innovation Lab recently spoke to TechRadar Pro about smart cities and the role that Bluetooth beacons may play. In this article, TechRadar discusses the idea of a smart city and analyses the elements that make a city truly...

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