Beacons – Stop Gap Technology?

In 2013 when iBeacons were quietly announced by Apple at WWDC, early speculation focused on using the technology in retail. While Mubaloo Innovation Lab has helped retailers and advertisers mature the consumer use cases and develop valuable solutions to help enhance...

Beacons: Ad opportunity of dreams?

When loading certain news sites on a mobile phone today, it’s quite easy to see what drives people to use ad blockers. Even with a fast 4G connection, sites can be slow to load, full screen adverts take over the screen and what is usually a fluid scroll, turns into a...

What is the MiBeacons platform?

Tom Barbour, Mubaloo Innovation Lab’s Technical Project Manager talks about the features of the MiBeacons platform and why they are important in beacon integration.

Beacons technical overview 2015

By 2020, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon shipment will exceed 400 million units with revenues expected to break the US $1 billion mark, contributing to the growing Internet of Things and marking out Beacon Technology’s role in this space. With the recent...

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