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How Retailers are Using Chatbots to Service Customers

How Retailers are Using Chatbots to Service Customers

Modern retail is experiencing a role reconfiguration. Traditionally, it was the product that brought customers to a retailer. Not anymore. Now, customer engagement drives the industry, and in an increasingly digital marketplace the essence of customer engagement lies...

Bots and Artificial Intelligence: Part 1

There is a lot of expectation about the potential impact bots will have on our lives. Every major technology company, along with some promising innovators, are fiercely working on their own Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering in the race to become leaders, in what...

Smartwatch wearables think tank part 2

This follows on from the previous post by Daniel Baker, junior mobile strategy consultant at Mubaloo discussing Mubaloo’s ThinkTank into smartwatches. In order to be truly successful, apps need to be created, or optimised to communicate with smartwatches. It’s...

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