What is the MiBeacons platform?

Tom Barbour, Mubaloo Innovation Lab’s Technical Project Manager talks about the features of the MiBeacons platform and why they are important in beacon integration.

Beacons in Enterprise: The Opportunities

Beacon technology has huge potential in the enterprise space, however this opportunity is still relatively unexploited in the market, at least beyond retail. With the right application, location technology can help to drive value and impact processes, across multiple...

Mubaloo’s 2015 enterprise mobility predictions

Despite mobile having a positive impact on the way many businesses have helped to improve operations, data from 451 Research shows that over the past three years, mobile as part of the overall workforce has remained at around 35%. Companies are still lagging behind...

London’s MD, Sarah Weller on BBC World News

In conjunction with Apps World Europe last week, Sarah Weller, London’s Managing Director spoke to BBC Worldwide about beacons and the opportunities that micro-location technology presents brands and the enterprise. Sarah was joined by Peter Keenan, CEO of mobile...

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