iPad 3 predictions: What would you like to see?

With Apple’s iPad 3 keynote only one day away, everyone is making their own predictions. The rumour mill is running at full capacity, and many agree that a product launch is to be expected within the next two months. However, debate is raging about what the...

iPad 3 rumour roundup: Specs leaked

Rumors have been circulating for months about the next-generation iPad. Now they’re really ramping up. Wednesday saw the release of its supposed specs, and when it could arrive. Source:¬†Mashable

Apple rumours: iPad 3, iPad mini and Android’s Siri

Every week the numerous blogs covering the machinations of the Apple empire float tons of unconfirmed rumours, futuristic speculation, and questionably-sourced reports on what the company might be unveiling in the near or distant future. Let’s take a look back...

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