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Chatbot Update – 30 years since the first bot

Chatbot Update – 30 years since the first bot

The rise of voice in chatbots If you regularly interact with brands, companies or messenger apps – whether as a customer or a developer – then you’ll have encountered a chatbot. Over the past few years, they’ve become an increasingly sophisticated means of customer...

Why iOS on the iPad had to change

In 2012 Tim Cook told journalists that he spends between 80-90 per cent of his time using the iPad. Tim went so far as to say that he even ditched the external keyboard, viewing the on-screen keyboard as enough to fulfill his needs. Recently though, the iPad has...

The role of apps shows no sign of slowing down

As of 2014, mobile sales outnumbered PC sales seven to one. There is no denying that we live in a mobile world. Within that mobile world, all eyes have been on apps and the potential revenue or improvements they can bring. Last week, eight years after the iPhone was...

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