As in previous years, Mubaloo offers an outlook of current and emerging technology trends likely to affect enterprises in the year ahead, with a particular focus on mobile, IoT and AI. Whereas up to now, technology has formed an important part of a company’s investment in the future, today every company has to think of themselves as a technology company, embracing technological innovation from all parts of the business.

In an ever more connected and competitive environment, enterprises who invest in technology will rely more and more on machine learning and AI to help perform intelligent background operations internally, supported by bot systems that can use conversations to solve queries and anticipate user’s needs. Bots and personal assistants will also be extended with commercial applications, initiating a race between the tech giants to becoming the new digital distribution platform of the future.

The trends covered in this White Paper include:

  • Marketing will lead IT investment
  • The year of AI and advanced machine learning
  • Bots will size up humans
  • The race to provide platforms for commercial AI applications
  • IoT demands seamless transitions
  • Augmented and virtual reality will become big business
  • Cloud enables the mobile workplace
  • Technology will enable more business ecosystems
  • The digital transformation of public services
  • Internet security

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