Every company has the opportunity to innovate just like GE did no matter what their size is. The major challenge for many organisations is to understand what is keeping them from giving the next step and the will to challenge tradition and the status-quo and that’s the first gate for Digital Transformation.

GE realised how vital it was to innovate on an enterprise level to pick the right battles and to update their infrastructure to rise against new industry challenges. But it didn’t stop there, the creation of Predix was one that perhaps not even Thomas Edison himself would have predicted. GE’s ability to reinvent itself and create software platforms that are open, scalable and provide valuable data will become critical, moving into an AI era where machines chew on large data-sets and highlight more precise patterns.

GE is on the path to becoming a more connected, tuned-in company and there’s no telling what would be the limit of their digital products should they one day shift the entire business to software. As GE as shown us from the past 125 years, it’s here to stay and make waves!

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