Mubaloo recently partnered with IDC on an event focusing on ROI-Driven Mobile Strategy in the Finance Sector with John Delaney, IDC’s Head of European Mobility and Lawrence Freeborn, Senior Research Analyst for IDC Financial Insights.


When looking at the maturity levels in the mobility space there are a significant number of companies looking to change their approach to mobile. Forward-thinking players are making the move from the more tactical approach to mobile development, we have seen in the enterprise market over recent years, to a strategic approach, where they are exploring all the opportunities to mobilise across the organisation.


Tactical initiatives tend to be more opportunistic, off-the-shelf or admin solutions; whereas strategic initiatives come from exploring opportunities which are aligned with complex, highly integrated core business solutions. The decision making process for exploring more complex opportunities to support core business functions requires more analysis and the development of a mobile strategy.
It is important for any strategic framework to:


  1. Support the business strategy
  2. Be responsive to change
  3. Deliver ROI

Mubaloo’s Consultancy Director, JP Luchetti, led the session, read more on what he covered in IDC’s report from the event.


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