Our strategy director JP Luchetti takes is view on Digital Transformation and how we helped some organisations at DMEXCO realise their potential for digital and how to approach it.

White paper summary:

As with every trend, hype or mania, Digital Transformation is taking ground as a philosophy used by many companies to define the simple process of solving a problem using technology.

The fact is, many organisations lagged during the early 2000’s when it came to updating their processes and infrastructure to integrate technology into their business. This led to inefficiencies and stagnant growth, compared to early industry disruptors who took the market by surprise.

The recipe for success is to embrace a holistic approach centred on the user and to deliver real value, rather than to focuses on technology per se. Technology is only a means to an end: a tool that helps you solve user problems.

Download our White Paper and learn how to future-proof your business, minimise the risks involved in developing new digital products and – at the same time – make sure you’re aligning your “technological” objectives and roadmap with your organisation.

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