Mobile and The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping drive disruption, across industries, helping enable enhanced end-user engagement and business process transformation.

In particular, mobilising the Energy sector is set to disrupt the industry, as enterprise mobile apps are deployed to dramatically improve remote workforce management, streamline workflows and transform business processes for utility providers. While consumer apps help with account management and provide tools for intelligently managing energy usage.

With large teams and employees based in the field or on-site, along with a host of expensive assets to manage, embracing location-based technologies and IoT is ideal for helping to transform the way the industry works. IoT solutions are being used to improve efficiencies and increase.

IoT solutions are being used to improve efficiencies and increase productivity of field workers and drive better business intelligence to improve business processes. Here, Head of Mubaloo Innovation Lab, Mike Crooks, speaks about mobile and IoT in the energy sector.

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