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Arvensis iPad App


Hanson UK, part of the HeidelbergCement Group, is a leading supplier of cement, concrete, aggregates and asphalt to the construction industry.

With a large number of customers located throughout England, Wales and Scotland, Hanson wanted a mobile solution for field agents and their managers to improve customer management through easy intuitive access to clear well-presented information to tackle long standing invoice query management issues. The mobile solution would provide easy access to customer accounts, sales, invoice queries, and open quotations whilst providing the ability to resolve queries, capture visit details and, create real-time quotations.

In the past, sales managers needed to ensure that they had all the necessary customer information with them before they left the office. This often made it difficult to respond to queries coming in real-time, as they had no access to the data they required to handle issues effectively.

Through EE’s customised mobile app partnership with Mubaloo, Mubaloo’s consultancy team worked with Hanson to define how to utilise 4G powered iPad’s to support the sales process and better equip sales managers in the field.

In-app image Hanson Arvensis iPad app


Developed over a number of stages, the Hanson Arvensis iPad app is designed to serve multiple functions. Primarily, the DSM app helps the company resolve queries or disputes about incoming invoices more easily. Now, when a query is raised by the customer, the ticket is uploaded to the app for district sales managers (DSMs) and area sales managers (ASMs) to view in real-time. The immediacy of access to this information means that sales managers are able to contact customers as soon as possible, resolving invoice issues and in turn helping reduce the impact on cash flow.

When reviewing the query with the customer, notes and changes can be made directly on the ticket, with immediate outcomes sent back to head office to action. This means that processes are handled more efficiently, with minimal inconvenience to the customer.

To provide sales managers with a comprehensive view of customer accounts a customer dashboard is accessible in the app. This dashboard provides information of recent visits to a customer, previous enquiries, payment history and other essential customer details. By having this information to hand, provided via a user friendly interface, sales managers are able to make their customer meetings more insightful and provide customers with a more personalised service.

In addition to supporting existing customers, Hanson wanted a more intuitive way to interact with new customers. The ‘New Quotes’ functionality allows sales managers to access Hanson’s product offerings, along with personalisation options, to provide customers with live quotes on the spot. This helps save time and helps to speed up the sales process. With logic developed into the form filling process, relevant information is auto-populated. The auto-population is dependent on the choices the customer has made and helps speed up the form filling process further. The app helps to reduce the potential for errors whilst also saving time. As a result, sales managers are able to give more accurate quotations in real-time.

Ultimately, the Arvensis iPad app helps to streamline all customer interactions into one place. With the separate login accounts, DSMs are provided with different screens to show customer activity for their team of sales managers. With increased transparency, DSMs can more efficiently manage their team.

In-app image Hanson Arvensis iPad app


Hanson’s Arvensis iPad app makes it possible to reduce response time in invoice queries, which otherwise could have had an adverse affect on the company’s cash flow. The ‘New Quotes’ feature on the app is projected to reduce the impact of working capital by 7%, due to the reduction of errors in the quotation process, resulting in query prevention.

Currently being rolled out nationwide, the Arvensis iPad app has been very well received by field staff, demonstrably speeding up query resolution times with customers impressed at the visibility of their account. This improves sales response and enable better internal and customer account management. Hanson UK is projecting a 20% reduction in HR churn costs as a result of the improvements to business processes provided by the app and the impact this will have on employees.

In-app image Hanson Arvensis iPad app

Technical Specification

  • Native iPad app
  • Uses AirWatch MDM to ensure the security of customer information
  • Daily automatic app refresh
  • Deloitte Tech Fast 50 winner 2014
  • Appsters winner for best use of API 2014
  • Ranked as the top app developer outside of the US by research firm Clutch
  • UXUK Winner 2014
  • Mubaloo innovation lab

Company registration number: 0‌6770774.

Registered address: Mubaloo, 3 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0BD