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Intelliflo UK provides web-based software for companies in the financial services sector, helping them to be lean, efficient and manage risks to build a better business. Intelliflo has established links to 100+ partners to ensure that its financial adviser clients have all the tools they need to make their operations more professional and profitable.

In 2012, Intelliflo worked with Mubaloo to create a HTML app for its Personal Finance Portal (PFP), a new service enhancement for its Intelligent Office offering. The PFP was intended to provide end customers with the ability to view their financial information.

In 2015, Intelliflo came back to Mubaloo, to do a large upgrade to PFP and to create a new, bespoke app for iOS and Android users. One of Intelliflo’s key aims was to grow the user base by providing their clients with an engaging, sticky app and responsive website.

One of the key attractions for coming back to Mubaloo was our experience within the financial services sector and our ability to work closely with TRW digital, our responsive website division.

Intelliflo PFP app


As part of Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office, PFP 2.0 needed to offer a high quality user interface as well as feature new functionality that Intelliflo was creating for the new platform.

The app allows users to:

  • View assets and liabilities as well as income and expenditures and compare them on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Drill down into each of these categories to view more detail about a specific transaction
  • By using Yodlee’s API, PFP is able to securely retrieve and view account data from the customer’s bank accounts for a live transaction feed
  • Breakdown spending into different categories automatically, using intelligent filters within the app
  • Set savings goals with a graphical dial to represent progress
  • Sort transactions by date or category which can be viewed for an immediate comparison between the current and previous month
  • Communicate directly with advisors via secure messaging
  • Receive push notifications for account anomalies

So that Intelliflo could easily white label the app for its financial adviser clients, the app was created to dynamically change colours to reflect their brand colours. This was made possible by using intelligent APIs that detect the brand colour depending on the end users login credentials and the financial advice business it is associated with. The app was coded to dynamically change and remember the colours for all future logins.

Only customers of Intelliflo’s financial adviser clients are able to use the PFP 2.0 solutions.

A phased approach to development was taken for the project so that new features can be added over time, as well as refinements to the user journey made.

For security, phase 1 of the app includes biometric security for iOS with Touch ID and a pin code for Android, with future plans to incorporate the new Android Marshmallow biometric support. For added privacy, whenever the user exits the app, they will need to authorise re-entry. With iOS, if the user wants to temporarily hide their information without logging out, they can enter the app switcher to make all information blur out until they launch back into the app.

The app has been designed to help people understand their spending and make savings. It is also intended to provide a better way for customers and their financial advisers to interact with each other. The use of notifications helps to keep users on track and more aware of their financial status.

Intelliflo PFP App in-app image.png


Working alongside Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office, PFP 2.0 enables Intelliflo’s financial adviser clients to provide their customers with apps and a responsive website that delivers industry leading usability and design. Intelliflo’s clients can make their customer servicing cheaper, by saving processing time, enabling secure digital correspondence, as well as depending on the app to cement their brand and customer relationships. The adviser’s customers are able to view fund and portfolio details, get valuations and set goals and budget against their monthly income and expenditures wherever and whenever, from any device.

Intelliflo are looking to develop an Adviser App to allow advisers a better overview of their client portfolio and send secure messages whilst on the move.

Intelliflo PFP app

Technical Specification

  • Native iOS and Android App
  • Responsive web
  • Touch ID integration
  • Push notifications
  • Yodlee feed integration with bank APIs to pull transaction data
  • Deloitte Tech Fast 50 winner 2014
  • Appsters winner for best use of API 2014
  • Ranked as the top app developer outside of the US by research firm Clutch
  • UXUK Winner 2014
  • Mubaloo innovation lab

Company registration number: 0‌6770774.

Registered address: Mubaloo, 3 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0BD